Hey guys!

It has been a pleasure studying with you all.

Down below, check out my presentation of Arnold Mesches I made for the part of the land art gallery visit project.

I came across his exhibition at Freedom Tower Gallery, where I saw his stunning work. He mostly does acrylic on canvas. Please check out his website http://www.arnoldmeches.com when you get a chance.

Again, thanks guys and hope you all have a wonderful vacation!


Olga Ziemska

Olga Ziemska is a sculptor and public artist that lives & works in Cleveland, Ohio in a studio by Lake Erie. She uses natural and reclaimed materials, salvaged birch logs, clay and plaster to create wonderful installations that comment on humanity’s interaction with the natural world. As Ziemska explains on her website, she uses art as a tool to better understand the world.

‘Stillness in Motion’ is a sculpture by Olga Ziemska that was installed in 2003 at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland. The piece is made entirely from cut willow branches that have been cut and stacked to create a human figure.

awesome looking-

awesome looking-

A statue of an ape. It looks so cool! I want it in my room. Primate studies are fascinating for it allows us to understand ourselves better. Though humans are my least favourite primates… How ironic.